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Inspired by Old Masters

Gerard van Honthorst - Elisabeth van de Palts (1618-1680). The composition is so decisive so I had to use this as a starting point for the ring.

Godfried Schalcken (Dutch, 1643-1706). The snail in this painting is a sign of impending destruction for the rose which is the symbol of love and sex and inevitable vanity. So what does this detail tells us about the girls...

Pig's eating Pig. As a metaphor for humanity. We need too much (space).

Porcelain Clock inspired by painting of Wilhelm Ernst Wunder.
I was intrigued by the grace of the hare. As if he died happily. Surrounded by the severed vegetables, while the insects - as always - look on carefree.

Silver, alpaca Bracelet
6 horse sticks